Servant Leadership Changes Everything

How are you raising up servant leaders?


“I can't think of any truly long-term effective leader that doesn't take a servant leadership approach to what they're doing,” says Dave Workman, president of Partnership Advisors.

As a former senior pastor and current leader devoted to helping churches and nonprofits increase their impact, Dave has seen the value of servant leadership first-hand. In this video, he references two outstanding books that helped him develop his “Beyond You” leadership approach: Servant Leadership by Robert Greenleaf, and Good to Great by Jim Collins. 

Watch Dave’s video for more insights on the importance of being a servant leader, and its impact on organizational development and team success.

I can't think of any truly long-term effective leader that doesn't take a servant leadership approach to what they're doing. You know, Robert Greenleaf, back in the '70s, he wrote a classic book called Servant Leadership, and it was one of those soft skill things that people really didn't know how to talk about. And it was so opposite of the hard charging, shark-like, aggressive CEO, but it turned corporate world upside down.

The idea of what would happen if we took a servant approach to the people that we lead, and in so doing you want to bring out the best in your people. Servant leaders, people who feel like their life is being poured out for some cause, or for their organization, or for their mission, they understand early on that it's not about them. It's not about them getting on Oprah. It's not about their success. It's not about their paycheck. It's not about their platform. It's about the people around them. It's about the mission of the organization.

Those are the things that light up servant leaders. It's Jim Collins' Level 5 leadership that he talks about in Good to Great, where the effective leader is this odd mixture of this corporate resoluteness about them and a humility or “it's not about me” kind of approach to leadership.

There is no effective leadership without a servant approach. You'll never raise up the kind of leaders that will change the world without that.
Dave workman

Dave Workman

Dave Workman is president of Partnership Advisors, a consortium of leaders devoted to helping churches and nonprofits become healthier and increase their impact. He is the author of The Outward-Focused Life: Becoming a Servant in a Se...

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