Series: Take Care of Yourself


There is a lot going on right now thanks to this pandemic that has crippled the world into a new, warped normal. And we are all feeling the effects.

Maybe you're working from home for the first time and are finding it difficult to focus, let alone prioritize and master a successful schedule. Maybe you're usually a pro at working remotely, but the lack of connectivity with coworkers, friends, and even family, is starting to take its toll. Or maybe you're going through a rough go and are trying to carve out a new path for when all this is over. 

The following speakers from our Leadercast Now library have thoughts about trusting the struggle, managing workloads, preventing burnout, and keeping true to your passions.

     *Libby Goldschmid - Managing Workload and Priorities
     *Glen Jackson - A Simple Tool for Preventing Burnout
     *Carla Harris - Keeping Side Passions Central

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