Series: Striving for Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a buzzphrase in the leadership space right now and for good reason, as it coincides with the rise of servant leadership. The best servant leaders not only know how to identify and manage their emotions but understand how their actions and reactions impact the feelings of others. 

Great, emotionally intelligent leaders are self-aware and self-disciplined. They have empathy and compassion, always taking a moment to better relate to people by putting themselves in others’ shoes. These leaders communicate effectively to resolve conflicts, encourage transparency about change, and seek understanding when dealing with resistance or difficult people. They model emotional intelligence by being open, honest and vulnerable with their team members. These mindsets and behaviors, in turn, foster safe environments where teams feel free to be themselves, take risks and voice opinions that can propel an organization forward.

Would you label yourself an emotionally intelligent leader? Would your team say the same? Watch this series to learn tips for being an authentic, emotionally intelligent leader whom people crave to follow.

- Lisa Earle McLeod, Author of “Leading with Noble Purpose”
- Steve Akinboro, Global Senior Operations Executive and Change Agent
- Craig Springer, Executive Director at Alpha USA
- Priya Parker, Author and Founder of Thrive Labs
- Jae Washington, Customer Success Specialist and Experienced Engager


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