Series: Increasing Drive to Achieve Results

Drive—the innate urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need—may be hardwired into our DNA as human beings, but we’ve all experienced times when we, or the people around us, lack the motivation to carry us past our goals.

Like a bad apple spoiling the rest of the bunch, when one person on a team becomes lackluster, unmotivated and lazy, others follow suit. As leaders, how do we remotivate our team members? How do we increase the drive that will enable our people, and our organizations, to flourish? And how do we inspire ourselves to continue pushing forward in times when we’re the ones lacking momentum?

Watch this series to find the answers to these questions and more.

Rachel Sheehan, Managing Partner at nClued
Dr. Jeffery Baker, Clinical Psychologist
Afshan Ali, Healthcare Management Consultant and Founder of SkyHealth
Alex Hailstock, Entrepreneur, Fitness Authority and Personal Development Mentor
Glen Jackson, Co-Founder of Jackson Spalding


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