Series: Establishing a Culture of Creativity

When we think of creativity, we often consider it in terms of our ability to create or do something artistic—music, painting, filming, writing, acting, etc. But creativity isn’t merely reserved for those who work in creative industries; it is a skill required for anyone who wants to be a leader worth following. 

Creative leadership is the ability to devise out-of-the-box solutions to problems. It involves innovative thinking, risk-taking, clear communication, and the ability to adapt to new ideas and pave roads to change. Without creativity, organizations become stale and unable to meet the ever-changing needs of a developing world. 

In this series, you’ll find insights that will equip you in building a culture of divergent thinking. 

- Chris Barez-Brown, Author and Creativity Guru
- Brad Wise, Chief Creative Officer at Rebel Pilgrim
- Francesca Gino, Researcher and Harvard Business School Professor
- Suzanne Morris, President of Morris Consulting Group
- John Van Vleck, Founder of The Green Room Collective


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