Series: Accountability in Leadership

As leaders, we must have a multifaceted view of accountability. Most of us might consider accountability in terms of holding team members responsible for their work after setting clear expectations of priorities and deadlines and allowing them to take ownership of the job they’ve been hired to do. 

While this is true, accountability should also come in the form of personal accountability, where we hold ourselves to a certain standard and invite others to keep us honest and true to the ideals that make leaders worth following. 

As you’ll learn through one of the videos in this series, when leaders have unregulated power and their actions aren’t held to a trust, the result can be incredibly dangerous. “Our power can breach our core and it makes us arrogant and dismissive of others,” says author and speaker Dr. Tim Irwin. “As a result, we become truth-starved. We cut off the very feedback that we need in order to lead effectively.”

What standard are you committed to and are you inviting those around you to take part in holding you accountable? Use this series to learn how to keep yourself and others accountable. 

- Dr. Henry Cloud, Psychologist and Leadership Expert
- Dr. Tim Irwin, Business Consultant, Author and Speaker
- Sharon Frame, Author, Speaker and Former CNN Anchor
- Ellen Adair Wyche, Founder of Womenetics
- Brittany Thoms, Founding Partner of See.Spark.Go



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