Seeing What Is In Front of You

What are the benefits of being able to see the whole field?

Emmitt Smith, NFL Hall of Fame running back, talks about the importance of having great vision - being able to see 'the field' and make split-second decisions on where to make your move.
Interviewer: One of the things I've always been fascinated by Emmitt, is when you watch the game of football and you realize how precise it is. The blockers, when they call the play in the huddle you know what the hole is supposed to be.

Emmitt: Supposed to be.

Interviewer: And this is the question, how many times did you go to a hole and it wasn't there? That's what I want to ask you about, the split second decision to have a great vision. Talk about that.

Emmitt: Daryl Johnson often time would come back to the hole and say, "Where were you? Where were you?" I'm like, "Daryl, I was over here" "But why were you over there?" "When you go through the running lane Daryl, you're the first one in."

When you get there you see something entirely different than what I see, and being the last guy in I see the whole field. My peripheral is almost back here, and so I can see from the numbers to the numbers. I can see what guys are moving and rotating at, coverages, defensive fronts, and all those kind of things. And so I'm reading bodies, I'm reading angles and I'm playing almost like a mathematician out here.

I'm watching these guys and I'm making my cuts at the right time to make sure they're at a position that they cannot recover from, and I take advantage of that. So, in essence I'm playing the game faster, even though I'm slower than most and I'm seeing things different, that became part of my strength as well.

Interviewer: I think it may have been your greatest strength.

Emmitt: It may have been my greatest strength.

Emmitt Smith

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