Richard Montanez LC20


Positive disruption isn’t reserved for those in high-level leadership. Anyone can be a positive disruptor. Such is the case for Richard Montañez, now vice president of multicultural sales and marketing at PepsiCo North America, who was serving as a janitor at a Frito-Lay factory when he thought of the idea to use spice in chips. This revelation led to the creation of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. “All you need is one revelation to create a revolution,” he says in his talk at Leadercast 2020—Positive Disruption.

  1. Learn from your past
  2. Leave a legacy
  3. Act like an owner
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Richard Montañez

VP of Multicultural Sales & Marketing, PepsiCo North America

The man who invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos has more to his story than a keen taste palate. Richard started as a janitor at a Frito-Lay plant but his visionary lead...

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