Principles of Ethical Leadership: Embracing Reality

Have you learned the art of inspiring people by giving yourself away?

Jay Wolf, founder of Hope Heals, discusses ethical leadership and “Beyond You” leadership. He explains the challenge of giving himself away for the greater good of the organization and his team, and learning how to be inspirational to others. Ultimately, he tells us, it is in the giving away that he has realized the most growth and felt the most connected to his mission.

Have you learned how to serve others? Are you willing to “give yourself away” for the good of your organization, and what do you think would be the result if you did? Please let us know in the comments below.
I'm still learning right now in the life of my organization, the life of my family, what it means to be willing to sacrifice myself for the greater good, for the other. I think that's going to be a lifelong lesson that we all get the choice to engage or push away. The challenge is and will always be sort of grappling with the fact that maybe the things that happened to me might be for somebody else, ultimately. As much as I want to be validated in myself and be given the big pat on the back, that maybe the greatest thing I can ever do is to give away myself for somebody else, whether that's my wife, or my child, or those who have followed me. Yet everything in my flesh, everything in my mind and my heart even says, "Don't do that. Don't give yourself away. You need to protect what you have."

So much of a bigger picture that I don't know and so if I am still worried about managing and controlling and holding the things that I have so closely, imagine what I might miss out in the grander scheme of things in the grander role that I've been given not only an organization but in this world. I found in the smaller microcosm of my own life and my own story that the giving away is where I've most seen my true self, my potential, my growth, where I've felt most alive.

The picture is so much bigger than any of us can see, and the picture's not just about us. It's about this greater good, this greater story that we get to be a part of we get a small part of. Probably a lot smaller a part than we think or we would've liked, and yet it's a part that's indispensable nonetheless. The question becomes what are we willing to do to give up, to release for that greater story.

Jay Wolf

Jay Wolf is the co-founder of Hope Heals, a ministry created to steward the story of Jay and his wife, Katherine.

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