No to Yes in 3 Steps

Achieve success with communication, motivation and intention.


Gary Schneeberger, president and founder of ROAR, discusses the three key elements of turning a no into a yes: information, motivation and intention.

Watch the video to learn why these three communication elements are the foundation for building strong relationships.

Three things really that are key to turning noes into yeses. One is information. You've got to make sure that the person that you're trying to convince gets what it is you're trying to convince them about. They have to know all of the things that will help them make that decision and hopefully embrace the project that you're trying to tell them about.

Secondly, you've got to give them motivation. You've got to make sure that they understand that if they embrace this project that if they have embraced this idea that they're going to get a win. That win is going to come to their clients. That win is going to come to their audiences. That win is going to come to their bottom line. Whatever it is that is important to them they've got to have motivation to embrace your project.

And then the third thing is intention. You've got to be intentional and that has to start way back before you even share information. You have to be intentional about the relationship that you have with that person because no amount of information and no amount of motivation is going to turn a no into a yes unless you’ve been intentional, unless you've shown intention in building the relationship with that person prior to this transaction taking place. You put those three together: information, motivation and intention, and done right, you're going to see a lot of noes turn into yeses.

Gary Schneeberger

Gary Schneeberger's three decades in journalism and public relations fuel his passion for, and success in, strategic marketing and communications.

Gary is founder and president of ROAR, a full-service boutique communications a...

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