New Team Leader? Ask These 3 Questions

One of the primary goals of new team leaders is identifying the best ways to improve organizational development. In this video, Libby Goldschmid, Corporate Director of Sales for Core-Mark International, shares the three key questions every new leader needs to ask his or her employees. Being promoted to a manager or leading a new team is exciting and can be very empowering; yet, many leaders take the approach of giving out orders or jumping immediately into change management. Libby advises that these approaches may not be beneficial to team building. Knowing what to start doing as a leader, what to stop doing as a team and what to keep doing can help leaders understand their team members better and work to unify team goals with organizational goals. Are you a new team leader? Ask yourself these three key questions to get started in your new role.

Libby Goldschmid

Libby Goldschmid is the Corporate Director of Sales, East Region at Core-Mark International in Atlanta, Georgia. A graduate of the University of Alabama and member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, Libby has 25+ years of experience i...

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