Negotiating the Goals of Your Team

How can your organizational vision help you negotiate the goals of your team?


Often as a leader, you'll find that all of your teams are vying for the same resources and budget, which can be challenging, explains Tyler Reagin, president of Catalyst.

Tyler discusses that while resources are typically prioritized for the organization as a whole, as a leader, you want your directors, department heads and/or team leads to be assertive about their needs—as if the entire organization's success depended on them. 

Watch the video to hear Tyler share his experience of having an enterprise-wide perspective, and the need to balance that vision with his individual teams' goals.

So as a leader when it comes to negotiating, when all your teams are vying for resources and different directions and things, there are a couple of things that come to mind. The number one thing for me is I have one job which is different then all five of my, let's say, directors. They're responsible for revenue or sales or content or whatever. I'm responsible for all five and I'm actually the only person, the leader, who is the only one who sits in a seat where their job is everything, not just one thing. So I want my content director to think that content is the most important thing that happens in our organization and that is willing to die on the hill of that. To a point where he understands that I have to come in and help bring balance to all five areas. So I think there is a balance of understanding.

I used to tell my team this at the last place I worked, where the production team, I wanted every one of them to think that sound, that lighting, that whatever, was the most impactful thing that happened on that Sunday. But when it came to pulling it off, I was responsible to make it look like a production, to make it one seamless journey. So for me, they had to understand that I'm okay with you pushing back, I'm okay with you challenging, I'm really okay with you fighting for your area. But at the end of the day I've got to make a decision. And again it goes back to the fact that I feel like I built up trust over that time. So that's one thing I think of.

The other thing I think of when I'm negotiating with a team, to go "Hey, this is who gets resources right now, who gets this mission." If you can't bring back those decisions to why you're doing what you're doing, so those are the hows and the whats, to the why. Simon Sinek talks about that all the time. If you don't start with why, you will not be able to figure out the correct hows and the whats. Resources and team going after this and leadership development, those are all hows and whats. If they do not define the why, if they are not pointing directly back to the why we do what we do, that's the easiest way to go, "Nope, that's not the right answer."

I think where it comes to, okay we've got five things competing and they're all in alignment. It really is just coming down to and you're probably not going to like this, but to me it's a gut feeling at certain times, what feels like it's more pressing. But it's also because usually as the leader you see the whole canvas and you're able to go "Hey man, I know you're really attached to that, but it's really fourth in line right now," and you need to trust me on that. And if you trust me on that then you know I'll come back around at some point and we'll get it in the right spot. But if you trust me as your leader, then trust me to say, "This isn't the highest priority right now and I just need you to lean in and trust me on that." So that's a few thoughts I have on negotiating with your team.

Tyler Reagin

Tyler Reagin is president of Catalyst, leading the charge on all Catalyst Events and overseeing staff development. Prior to joining Catalyst, he served for seven years under the leadership of Andy Stanley as service programming direct...

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