Motivating Your Team Through Disruption

Are you shepherding your followers in times of uncertainty?


In this behind-the-scenes interview from Leadercast 2020—Positive Disruption, leadership communicator and author Andy Stanley discusses why times of disruption call for leaders to focus on shepherding rather than motivating their people.

“You don't really motivate people through disruption; you shepherd people through disruption—and there's a big difference,” he says. “If you shepherd correctly, it is motivating.”

Watch the video to hear Andy explain how leaders should shepherd their followers through uncertain times. 

- Focus on shepherding your team through disruption rather than motivating them. 
- Shepherding may not come easily to you. 
- Show your humanity first; people need to know you care.

You don't really motivate people through disruption, you shepherd people through disruption. And there's a big difference. And if you shepherd correctly, it is motivating.

And here's where some of us leaders need to be careful. When we feel pressure, when we feel backed into a corner, when we feel like, "Hey, we got to do something and do something now," we tend to lean into a bit of the dark side of our leadership personality. We tend to be more focused. We tend to be less sensitive. We tend to be less aware of how the people around us are feeling. And I don't mean we all just sit around in a circle and sing Kumbaya. There has to be direction. But you have to think in terms of, "I'm going to shepherd people through this disruption, not simply lead them."

It's a different gift set. It's a different style. And for many of us, this is not natural. But as I said earlier, you can do this, and I'll tell you how to do it because you're smart. All you have to do is to remember, "Oh yeah, I can't use the normal levers and buttons and motivational script. I have to do something different."

People need to know that I care, or to go back to what Patrick Lencioni said, "In times of disruption, people need to see our humanity first before they feel our leadership." And if you can just keep those simple ideas in mind, you'll get this right.

Andy Stanley

Leadership communicator, best-selling author and founding pastor of North Point Ministries Andy Stanley inspires tens of thousands of people. Andy founded Atlanta-based North Point Ministries in 1995, leading six churches in the Atlan...

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