Millennials, Boomers and More: Building Team Culture

Are you building relationships across generations?


Cameron Sparks, senior director of training and leader development at Booster Enterprises, shares leadership principles for any multi-generational organization, with tips for working with Boomers, Millennials, and beyond. In this straightforward video, Cameron shares what he has learned as a young leader, including understanding that wisdom is best gained from experience.

“My advice to younger leaders would be, you don't know it all!” Cameron says. Some of the best advice he shares with young people is to seek out more experienced colleagues who know more than you do and be willing to learn from them on a daily basis. Likewise, he advises that more senior leaders can build great teams by getting to know their younger colleagues and fostering relationships. 

Watch this video and discover how to create a great organizational culture across all the generations in your organization.

My advice to younger leaders would be, you don't know it all! I came out of college fired up. I thought I could change the world by 25, and be making six figures. It's just not the case. It's a marathon, it's not a sprint. My advice to young leaders would be, you don't know it all, but find people who do. Learn from them, and grow, and just work hard. Ultimately if you're putting others before yourself, and continuing to learn and grow yourself, you're going to be on a track where you want to be at 30, at 40, at 50. That's what's important. To older leaders I would say, don't wait on younger employees or people within your organization to come to you. Go seek them out and ask if you can take them to lunch, or provide wisdom, or help them with a certain area you see they're succeeding in or not succeeding in. We as a younger generation desire older wisdom, whether it's on the job, or just soft skill-wise. We're seeking that help and don't wait on us to come to you, but come find us and take us to lunch.

Cameron Sparks

Cameron Sparks is the senior director of training and leader development at Booster Enterprises, where he has been a team member since 2008. Before moving into the director of training role, he previously served as an experience leade...

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