Mental Sorbet: Creativity Exercises for Strategic Thinking

John Van Vleck, Founder of The Green Room Collective, shares the benefits of creativity exercises to help people prepare their minds for expansive design thinking and strategic visioning. John calls these creativity exercises "mental sorbets." The exercises use a variety of techniques to help leaders and teams retrain their brains and increase focus. In this video, John suggests a creativity exercise that is designed to clear the mind of distractions and help you be totally present for a task or activity -- such as developing a mission statement or defining a strategic vision. If you have ever struggled with getting everyone on your team to prepare and focus in a group setting, try this creativity exercise. (You can share this creativity exercise by forwarding this video!) How well did the creativity exercise work for you? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


John Van Vleck

What's missing in business? Humanity. Feel. Edge that leads to something new and unique. John Van Vleck is the founder of The Green Room Collective, working with organizations to help bring these values to organizational culture, team b...

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