Managing Change: Building A Company You Love to Lead

Are you standing in the way of your organization’s growth?

Kevin Rains, owner of Center City Collision, grew his company 1000 percent during its first 10 years! That kind of expansion is exciting – and brings its own set of change management challenges.

Kevin shares what he’s learned and how he systematically created a process that enables his company to expand successfully while supporting leadership development and growth for his team and himself.
So when I started out, it was just me and one other guy at my little shop, in my hometown of Norwood, Ohio. When it's a small business like that, you pretty much have to wear every hat out there.

So I was helping wash cars and prep cars and I was writing all the estimates when people would come in, the customers would come in. When I needed to deal with an insurance company, that was on me. Making sure the payroll was paid properly, tracking all my own profit and loss statements. And I found quickly that there were several things about my business that I did not enjoy at all.

So I began systematically creating job descriptions and processes for all the things I hated doing and whenever I could afford it, I would hire someone to the thing that I hated the most. Then after that person was in place and as the business grew, I was able to hire a person to do the next thing I hated the most on that list. And systematically began working myself out of almost every job in the shop.

The couple of things toward the end that I had a hard time letting go of, had been the leadership and the marketing side. Those are the two things that I actually enjoy, so they didn't even make the list of the things that I hated. But I'm also at the place now as we're starting to expand into other locations, I realized that I needed to have people in place that are as good or better than me at leadership and marketing.

About a year and a half ago, I made the decision to hire someone, who I felt was a better leader than I am. So at first, it felt like a big risk to hire somebody to do a job that I sincerely enjoy. But on the other side of that now, there's all kinds of freedom that's been given to me. Freedom to expand and look out at new locations. Freedom to do what I'm really good at, which is business development and marketing. So it's afforded me a lot of enjoyment to see him succeed in his role, at the same time the fruit of that has been a lot of freedom for me.

Kevin Rains

Kevin Rains is the owner of Center City Collision and Precision Frame and Body in Cincinnati. Over the past twelve years, Center City Collision has experienced 1000% growth under Kevin’s leadership. In May of 2015 he acquired Precisio...

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