Making a Difference

Do you wish to truly be a person of disproportianate influence?


Everyone wants their lives to count for something and to be significant. At a time when confidence in leadership is waning, the key to strong leadership is to focus on protecting and growing a strong core. In this video, author and speaker Dr. Tim Irwin discusses how to have an impact as a leader. 

When I speak to audiences, I often ask a question at the beginning. I say, “How many of you want to make an impact with your life?" And generally, I have a 100% of the audiences say yes. Don't we all feel that way? That we want our lives to count for more than just fighting gridlock traffic? We want our lives to count for something. We want our lives to be significant.

If you're watching this, I believe you want to be a person of disproportionate influence, which is essentially what leadership is. You may want to make an impact but I have to say that there are lots of headwinds today.

One of the studies that I follow every year is the Leadership Confidence Index that's put out by the Harvard Kennedy School. Basically, if you look at these results over a long period of time, you see that confidence in leaders is declining in almost every category. In fact, the military and the medical profession are the only areas where leadership confidence seems to be growing, but every other category seems to be in precipitous decline, including business leaders. In fact, if you look, some government leaders are at the very bottom. We know that from polls.

Now the key to great leadership is to have a strong core, and the core is that leader inside us, that person that thinks and feels and believes and authors opinions and we have to guard that core. That core can be fragile and subject to all kinds of influences. So, if we want to be a great leader, if we want to make an impact with our lives, if we want to have disproportionate influence, then we have to guard and grow that leader inside us. And I would say to you, lead from within.

Dr. Tim Irwin

Dr. Tim Irwin has consulted with a number of America’s most well-known and respected companies including SunTrust Banks, Chick-fil-A, Bank of America, Corning, Inc., IBM, The Coca Cola Company, Hoechst-Celanese, Gerber Products Compan...

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