Look in the Mirror

How do you project your leadership?


Duane Cummings, author, entrepreneur, coach and consultant, aids others to be greater. Part of this process means he must guide others through self-reflection. This often times means that you have to understand that you’re always a leader, so your actions are always important.

“I have a really inclusive view of leadership. Anyone can be a leader,” says Duane. “Most people are leading all the time and they don't realize it.”

Watch this video with Duane and think about how your actions reflect on your leadership.

Look in the mirror. First of all, have confidence that you're made the way you're made for a reason, good, bad or indifferent. What you don't like about yourself, somebody else is going to love about you. What you love about yourself, somebody else might not like about you. And just realize that it's not really about you most of the time. It's about somebody else and the place they're in. So, being authentic, showing up, is probably the best leadership trait you could have.

This was hard because I think your audience perceives leadership as a certain definition and we're all leaders at all times. We just don't know it. We might be a leader because we're the person that opens the door for the two people following in behind us to go into the restaurant. We might be a leader because we're teaching our children how to do something. We might be a leader in instances and not even know it because people are watching us all the time. You get on a bus, they're watching to see what you do, how you act, whether you give up a seat.

And so I tend to get away from that myopic view of leadership and I don't focus so narrowly because when you focus real narrowly, you become cross-eyed and things become distorted. And so I have a really inclusive view of leadership. Anyone can be a leader. Most people are leading all the time and they don't realize it.

And so then you have to look at what are the traits of a great leader. Who are leaders worth following? And that's back to the honesty and integrity part and that comes from trust and trust comes from intent. Do you trust that their intention for you in the group is good? That's a great leader in my mind because great leaders are going to make mistakes in errors in judgment. But if they go left and everybody followed them left and they were supposed to go right, if that group thinks that their intention was right, they will get back on board and go the other direction immediately. There'll be no question.

Duane Cummings

Duane Cummings lives life with a single purpose, “To Aid Others, Act on Ideas, and Achieve Sensational Results.” He is a trusted advisor to organizations and individuals around the world regarding professional and personal development...

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