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Are your beliefs determining your behavior?


Beliefs determine our behavior, and when people derail, there is usually a lie embedded within the foundation of the failure. In this video, author and speaker Dr. Tim Irwin describes how guarding ourselves against false beliefs can steer us off course and potentially lead to greater issues.

My wife, Anne, grew up in Oregon and her father was a great outdoors man. He hunted in the mountains and fished in the coastal streams. So she was familiar with hunting, and he'd bring home a deer and so she was familiar with all this.

Well, Anne shared a bedroom with her sister and one night she woke up as a child and she realized that a bear had come into their home and was sleeping between her bed and her sister's. She could hear this bear breathing and she could see that brownish-black fur rising and falling. And she said the bear smelled.

And you can imagine as a young nine or ten-year-old girl, she was absolutely terrified out of her mind that this bear had come into her room. And she was paralyzed with this fear. She didn't know what to do. And she realized the only thing that I can do is try and get down to my parent's room and my dad will get his gun and save us from this bear.

So she was just so afraid that she was going to wake the bear up and she quietly slid to the end of her bed, tip toed past the bear, quietly opened the door, and ran down the hall to her parent's room hysterically screaming for her father. Well, you can imagine her father, being awakened from a deep sleep by the screaming young girl. He went down the hall and he flipped the light on in her room and there on the floor was Anne's brown duvet.

Now, the only problem that's never been resolved in her family is that her sister couldn't believe that Anne left her in the room with a bear while she ran off to her father. But beliefs determine our behavior. Those things that we lodge in our belief system really affect how we act. Anne believed the bear was there and so she felt and she acted based on what she believed in her heart.

And leaders do the same things. When they believe things, it's very important to understand what they believe. Because if a leader believes a lie, he or she is going to act on it. One of the most fascinating things I've seen in recent years is Tiger Wood's news conference. He said, "I told myself I didn't have to follow the normal rules." He said, "I told myself I was entitled to this." Later on in the news conference, he said, "I now realize that I do have to follow the normal rules. I do have to do the things that fit into the conventions and the laws of our country."

I've discovered in people that derail, there's always a lie in there somewhere. Somebody that said something that they began to believe and they acted on it. And, you know, if we have a lie inside our core, that lie is going to eventually break us. So we have to be really vigilant about arresting false beliefs. Guard your core because it determines the course of your life.

Dr. Tim Irwin

Dr. Tim Irwin has consulted with a number of America’s most well-known and respected companies including SunTrust Banks, Chick-fil-A, Bank of America, Corning, Inc., IBM, The Coca Cola Company, Hoechst-Celanese, Gerber Products Compan...

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