Leading With Vulnerability

Are you open about your struggles?


Angela Raub, CEO and president of Leadercast, explains why leaders should communicate to their teams when they’re going through a difficult time, even if they aren’t able to share all the details behind it. 

“It's the winter seasons of life that make me better,” says Angela. “And by being a leader and not sharing that is cheating the people that you intend to make better every day.”

Watch the video to learn more from Angela about the value of revealing your vulnerabilities to your team.

As leaders, you can be vulnerable about going through a difficult time without giving the actual details. Right? That's your role, is to work on things that you can't disclose to a team. But I think for a team to understand if you open yourself up and you're vulnerable, this is a difficult time or this is a stressful time, also gives people the foundation for optimum communication. So I believe that that vulnerability of look this may not be optimum right now puts everybody on a foundation of understanding and that they have context for where you're coming from on that day.

You know, as I shared, going through a stressful time with my team most recently, people were well receiving of that. And so, through personal challenges that I have gone through in my life, it's the winter seasons of life that make me better. And by being a leader and not sharing that is cheating the people that you intend to make better every day. But then to receive feedback back from the team via text or some messages, you know, excuse me, made me choke up at night because, in that way, that's goodness telling you you've done a good thing.
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Angela Raub

Angela Raub is CEO and president of Leadercast, a global pioneer in leadership development dedicated to filling the world with leaders worth following. Angela previously served Leadercast as chief sales officer, overseeing all aspects...

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