Leading Management Principles: 14 Principles of Management for Effective Management Styles

Leaders and managers fill a variety of roles within an organization. Though leadership and management often go hand in hand, they have wildly different definitions: Leaders are followed by others and are focused on developing the people around them, whereas managers have people who work under them and are focused on getting things done.

In this FREE e-book, you’ll learn the secret behind being a leader AND a manager through 14 guiding management principles that will keep you and your team connected and engaged with your organization’s vision and mission. These 14 principles will teach you how to:

1.     Lead ethically
2.     Develop a strategic vision
3.     Build trust
4.     Encourage followership
5.     Anticipate and manage change
6.     Focus on leading people
7.     Communicate effectively
8.     Create high-achieving teams
9.     Lead in times of conflict
10.   Genuinely empower those around you
11.    Build an authentic organizational culture
12.   Foster social responsibility
13.   Develop and lead a diverse workforce
14.   Continually grow as a leader

With these 14 management principles guiding you, you’ll raise the standard of leadership in your organization and inspire those around you to lead ethically, clearly and with a focus on achievement. Download the e-book HERE. Your organization—and your own career—will be the better for it.

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