Leadership Tips for Young Creatives

How are you using your creative gifts to fulfill a need for others?


Zane Stephens, SAG-AFTRA actor and owner of Zane Stephens Studio, shares the many qualities that enable young creatives to be leaders who empower others and spark change within their organizations.

“Be humble,” Zane shares as one of his seven points. “The ultimate act of humility is to give yourself away. You see a need, give it to it.”

Watch the video to hear all seven of Zane’s pieces of advice that fellow young creatives should follow to be Leaders Worth Following.

All right, Millennials, listen. OK, let's be real for a second, alright? This is for you. Young, creative leaders, how do you best you, and how do you best those around you? Know your why. I say for the sake of the audience. It's seeing a need in someone else and filling it, OK? Be authentic. Be you. Please be you. Be empathetic. Feel the pain around you. Feel other people's burdens. Ask how they're doing. Your manager, ask how his kids are in college. Just be empathetic. Feel. Feel those around you.

OK. Be learners. You don't know it all. I don't know it all. You've got to learn. You've got to know that you don't know everything, that the older generations have a lot of experience. They've gained a lot of truth. They've worked really hard to get where they are. They know the systems that they've existed in, that they've created, and we need to know that. So learn from them. Learn. Be learners.

Find your voice, capital V. That's the one thing that makes you unique. Maybe it's your gift. Maybe it's your talent or talents or gifts. It's the one thing that other people need, and it's the way that you give to them to meet that need that you feel satisfied with, that makes you feel satisfied. You give to their need. Find your voice. When you do this, you become indispensable. Companies want you there. Companies want to learn from you. Companies want you to be innovative and creative because you're using your voice, that one thing that makes you feel empowered to give away.

OK. Be humble, please. You don't know it all. We don't know it all. Listen to those around you. Learn from those around you. Be humble. And the ultimate act of humility is to give yourself away. You see a need, give it to it. Use your uniqueness, your gifts. Give it away, that voice that you have, that uniqueness that you have, the thing that's made you indispensable. When you see the need, you use it and you give it away for the betterment of others and for the betterment of you. Do this. Organizations will change. Culture will change. You'll be satisfied, and those around you will be empowered.
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Zane Stephens

Zane Stephens is a self-described Renaissance Man, good at a lot of things, but great at none. As a creative, he cannot help but juggle many things at once. He claims that he is more productive when his mind is stretched.


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