Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses: You Can Learn From Everyone

Are you limiting who you can learn from?


Dr. Jill Guindon-Nasir of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center offers great insights on leadership strengths and weaknesses. In this video, Jill shares the importance of being humble and learning from anyone. Because leaders encounter a number of individuals within their organization, it is important to remember that others are observing your leadership style. Humility allows leaders to not only teach, but also be taught by those with greater skills and experience. Through training and development, you can learn from anyone and the lessons learned may be invaluable to your leadership influence.

Being humble, I think, is very important, because every day that you work with others it's not just about you, right? You don't do anything alone, especially when you talk about leadership. Being a leader, that means there's people that believe in you and are following you. So I think that it's very important to be humble, and I think that's why, when you walk the talk and you're doing things, you're not just asking people to do certain things, you're doing it yourself, right? Because they're watching. And when you do that, when you're right alongside them and you're working just as hard as them, I think that that's powerful, because they're seeing that, and then they're going to want to work even harder for you. Because they see that, again, you're not just using your authority which, again, a lot of people have with titles, but it doesn't mean you're a leader and that when you're leading, you're actually showing them, right? This is how you do it. This is how we . . . you know, it's like teachers. It's kind of leaders as teachers teaching students, showing them, and that's powerful because you're also helping them to eventually become a leader themselves. I would share with everyone you learn something from every single person that you encounter, whether good or you could see as bad. But if you say, "Well, that person wasn't a good leader or wasn't a good manager," well, then you need to learn from that, because one day, when you have that role, then people are going to be looking to you and you want to make sure that you don't do exactly what happened to you. That's important. And so you're learning something from every single person.

Dr. Jill Guindon-Nasir

Dr. Jill Guindon-Nasir has a passion for sharing best practices, implementing lessons learned and achieving sustainable results. She has over 20 years in business and has served at The Ritz-Carlton for almost 15 years. Her past positions...

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