Keeping Your Strategic Vision Alive on a Daily Basis

Is your strategic vision embedded in your daily decision-making?


Do you keep your strategic vision top-of-mind? Lisa McLeod, author of Leading with Noble Purpose, shares why ingraining strategic vision into your daily decision-making is key.

“One of the biggest challenges with developing a strategic vision is deciding what to say no to and then keeping it alive on a daily basis,” she says.

Watch the video to hear Lisa explain how to keep your strategic vision alive on a daily basis.

One of the biggest challenges with developing a strategic vision is deciding what to say no to and then keeping it alive on a daily basis. So, one of the parallels that I often draw is parenting. Now, anybody who's been a parent knows that there's sort of a routine to it and there's lots of daily tasks, lots and lots of daily tasks. And it would be very easy just to have the cadence of the organization, a family, be "We wake up, we go to work, we make the dinner, we go to soccer, we come home… time to make the doughnuts."

The same thing happens in an organization where the cadence and the tone are just very much task-oriented. And so, one of the challenges with casting a strategic vision is keeping it alive on a daily basis.

Thinking about the example of a parent, I've been a parent for almost 25 years. One of the things that we decided early on was that we weren't just going to parent, but that we were raising future leaders. In fact, we had this little joke where we said, "We're raising the future president of the United States and her secretary of state," when we looked at our two daughters.

The challenge is to keep that alive when you make daily decisions. So, if that's your strategic vision then it helps you decide, "Well, if we're raising these leaders, what do we say yes to and what do we say no to?"

If you are a leader in an organization, you have a challenge to take that strategic vision, whatever it is, whether you're raising future leaders or you're improving the tech world, improving people's nutrition, whatever the strategic vision is of your business, and you have to keep it alive on a daily basis so that people can connect processing that order to the strategic vision, so that people can connect, "Gee, I probably need to say yes to this and no to this." It's connecting the task to the strategic vision and it's using that strategic vision to make better decisions.

So, one of our clients is a company called Hootsuite and they are in the software space. They had absolute clarity about their purpose, which was they empower their clients to turn messages into meaningful relationships. So, they enable clients to aggregate all their social media, connect with their clients on a regular basis and connect with their constituents.

It would be really easy for that statement to just sit on a placard in the lobby, but what they did with that was they put it into product development, they put it into sales, they put it into operation. And so, everyone is saying, "Is what I'm doing empowering our clients? Is it helping them turn these things that are going out on the internet into more meaningful relationships?" They bring that to life in every single one of their departments.

They did this, and over the course of the year they actually doubled their revenue and created a great space for themselves in the market with real competitive differentiation. And it was because all of their people weren't just going through the motions and coding. Instead, they had a really clear vision of "Who are our clients, and how are we changing the landscape in which they operate?" They embedded it in their decision-making and they connected their daily task to that.

Lisa McLeod

Lisa McLeod began her career at Procter & Gamble, where she was a sales leader, sales managers, and sales training. She went on to become the Vice-President of Vital Learning --an international training company - before founded he...

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