Is Giving Back Part of Your Company’s DNA?

How are you instilling a sense of corporate responsibility?


In this video, HR expert Syrine Reese explains why building giveback into a company’s structure pays off in the long run. “I think an organization has to be very, very clear on who they are. What do you represent?” asks Syrine. She goes on to say that outreach and giving back end up making an organization more appealing to great talent, and more sustainable in the long run. Who doesn’t want those things for their company? Syrine says definitively, “It's not a nice to do. It's not a box to check...Giving back and thinking about diversity outside of your organization is a business imperative.”

So, there are many organizations where giving back is not part of the organization's DNA or giving back, while we know it's a social responsibility, again, it's one of those things where you check the box. And I think for organizations who really don't view that as a priority, that is a choice, absolutely, but you have to also recognize the adverse impact to that.

So, you're creating this culture, which is not one that is altruistic. It's one where in many instances, it's about the bottom line. And there are many, many benefits to that, but then there are also many disadvantages. And so I think an organization has to be very, very clear on who they are. What do you represent?

For Healthfirst, it's about the communities we serve, period. It's about community outreach. It's about providing health insurance and impacting population health long-term. And so, even a job seeker or person who's looking for an opportunity, they should really think about what's important to the organization. If it's important for you to be part of the greater good, then you have to target an organization that is doing great good in the communities or in society.

Just like different people, you have different profiles and you have different things of motivation. For some organizations, it's not important. I can build a case that it should be important for every organization because leadership is what's going to take you into the future. And so, building a culture that's not focused on giving back, what's the sustainability there?

So, there is risk to an organization not giving back. One is you start to be recognized for a culture that isn't altruistic. It's really focused on the bottom line. That then impacts your ability to acquire certain talent, particularly in this day and age where individuals feel a social responsibility. So, even when you start to think about what's happening in politics, there is an investment in what our future looks like. If you don't think as an organization that that's important, then you have to recognize that that will impact the type of talent you bring into the organization.

And then there's a bottom line impact, which most organizations care about. They say there's no mission without margin. So, there's a bottom line impact to not giving back. When you give back, it opens up a different pool of interest for your organization. We know by 2020, the world is going to be minority majority. So, if you have zero interest in kind of stepping outside of your box, what does that do for the sustainability of your business and the success of your business long-term?

You have to do that. This is a business imperative. Giving back and thinking about diversity outside of your organization is a business imperative. It's not a nice to do. It's not a box to check because the world is evolving and the world is going to look very, very different some years from now. So, if you want to sustain as part of your organization's strategy, you have to give back. You have to give back and you have to color outside the lines.

Syrine Reese

With nearly 20 years of progressive and diverse human resources experience, Syrine A. Reese is recognized as a successful organizational change agent, builder, mentor, community leader, entrepreneur, and mother of two.


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