Identifying Your Core Values

What qualities do you consider non-negotiable?


Robbi Crawford—professional mentor, sociologist, speaker and author—shares an exercise anyone can use to identify their core values.

“Narrow [what you value] down to 10,” says Robbi. “If you can get them under 10, now we're talking about core values. This is where you really begin to see who you are and what is it that drives you.”

Watch the video to learn more from Robbi about how to identify your core values.

When I'm talking to a student and my intention is to help them to define who they are, this may take a little bit of time, energy and effort because a lot of times they may not have taken their time to look inside. There are a lot of students who are very self-aware but when you ask someone who they are—I mean, any of us are like what do you mean like, "Who I am?"

Like when you think about what it is you value, this is oftentimes where the values conversation will come in and values are non-negotiables. They help us make decisions. So I will ask them what is it that you value. Some of them may be able to say right off the bat what some of the things they value, others that may say, "OK, here's another assignment." Right?

Steve Pavlina has this wonderful site where he has 400 different values that are listed and a lot of times that's a lot, and having students even in my workshops I have them go through this process and I have them printed out and I say, "OK mark the values that are important to you." Now out of 400, they're just marking up the storm.

OK, so narrow those down to 20, narrow them down to 10. So if you can get them under 10, because now we're talking about core values. This is where you really begin to see who you are, what is it that drives you and I'll even give them an example of myself. I'll say one of my number one values is freedom.

Freedom is very important to me. Freedom to do what I want when I want, which is why I'm an entrepreneur. Also creativity is one of my core values. So after I go through a couple of my core values and explain to them how those show up in my everyday life, then they start thinking, "Oh OK. Yeah, that's one of mine too," or "I really love money." I say, "OK, so you love money." So let's talk about that a little bit.

And we kind of break that down and maybe you're valuing feeling significant, maybe it's not the money itself because that's a thing but maybe it's the significance or the attention that you get as a result of the money so maybe that's what you value.

When we begin to talk about that and then they say, "OK, now that makes sense. That's who I am, that's how I'm showing up in the world. That's showing up in my work and my relationships and everything that I'm doing.” And then they begin to get a little bit of a better grasp of what that means.
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Robbi Crawford

Robbi Crawford, Professional Mentor, Sociologist, Speaker and Author, is a former college professor and fierce advocate of today's college student. She's the founder of BrijBrand, an inward-bound hub of services and products designed ...

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