Humor In the Workplace: The Rule Of 3


Humor can be a great way to connect and engage with employees and customers! Business entrepreneur and professional comedian, Marshall Chiles, shows us how to use humor effectively and shares a trade secret: The Rule of Three. The Rule of Three is a proven comedic formula and a great place to start. Once you've practiced this exercise, you can try it out on your team, colleagues and customers during meetings, in presentations, at workshops, and in training -- anywhere you want to be a more effective communicator and more approachable leader! Whether your goal is better networking or incorporating a few effective jokes in your next presentation, Marshall's Rule of Three offers practical, laugh-worthy training and development.

The number one way to do surprise is what's called misdirection. Misdirection is very popular in our world. It's all over the place. Magicians make you pay attention to their left hand while they manipulate the situation with the right hand, all while at the same time still disappointing their parents.

The way you use misdirection is you make people think you're going down one path, but then boom, you take a surprise turn at the end. For example, "Giving 110% takes hard work, dedication and a complete disregard for math." See how that worked? We're going down one way. You think I'm going to say "sacrifice" and "put in hours" and blah, blah, blah. But no, I make a funny surprise turn that matches the beginning, 110%, math. That matches.

For example, here's one that doesn't work. "Giving 110% takes hard work, dedication, and knowing how to salmon fish." What? Salmon fishing has nothing to do with the beginning of the path, right? So just make sure that your surprise turn also matches the beginning of the path.

Now, when it comes to leaders and executives applying humor, typically when you're presenting or you're making a newsletter or a mass email or whatever it is, you're conveying information. You've got key messages you want to come across. So here's the best trick to applying misdirection and funny in your communications. It's called the Rule of Three.

There are many versions of the Rule of Three, but the best one for executives is to be serious, serious, funny. And for example, again, "Giving 110% takes hard work, dedication, and a complete disregard for math." Serious, serious, funny. And that's how you apply the Rule of Three.


Marshall Chiles

Marshall Chiles has been a professional comedian since 2000, while building several comedy clubs and festivals around the country. He combines his 23 years of entrepreneur success and 15 years of stand-up comedy experience to help mak...

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