How to Reverse Engineer Your Goal Setting

Do your daily tasks reflect your overall goals?


Alex Hailstock—entrepreneur, fitness authority and personal development mentor—explains how he reverse engineers his goal setting through a daily journaling process in which he comes up with actions that are in line with his overall goals.

“Every single day, I have a task list that keeps me on target to make sure that my day is in line with my end goals,” says Alex.

Watch the video to learn how Alex uses journaling to achieve his goals, and discover why you should do it too.

So for me, goal setting falls into a few specific categories: health, wealth, love and relationships. And so for me, it goes across all aspects, so discipline applies to, of course, your health, your nutrition, your fitness, also growing robust relationships as well with friends, with family, with like-minded individuals who are supporting you and on the same path as you.

Also, financial discipline as well, being a millennial, that's something that's kind of neglected in our generation. But having the discipline to save more, to save more, to watch your spending. Your future self will thank you for that and as I'm finding that out now and also, of course, love. That's why we're here. We're here to love. We're here to share that emotion and spread that. And so I look forward to offering whatever I can in any interaction just to show love and that's something I have. I write down every morning in my own journal is that I want to share love with this world.

I had a journal every single morning. Part of my journal is my gratitude list. So I write down the five things I'm most thankful for. And that can vary and for every day, it's definitely for the day. I'm thankful that I'm alive and that I have my health, my energy, and I've seen another day. So once I've finished my gratitude list, it kind of level sets for my day. I go in to my vision and my vision is my life's work, what I wanted to accomplish on this earth. And that can be professional, that could be relationship-wise, that could be influencing-wise, and then I write down my aspects that I want to accomplish today. And so, again I reverse engineer my goal-setting. Every single day, I have a task list that keeps me on target to make sure that my day is in line with my end goals as well.

I believe that self-discipline is really just time management skills, just kind of expedited, if you will. So you never can really control what happens in your day-to-day. Too many things or too many variables are at play but you can control what you choose to prioritize and what you choose to place emphasis on. And so if that means coming to the office a little earlier to have some quiet time, to settle, to get your day together, that might be necessary. It may be necessary to work through a lunch sometimes to have a little bit more quiet time and time to just focus and plan the rest of your afternoon.

But you have to find the time to just kind of almost shut off external influences and simulation just to focus. Most people don't put enough time into thinking. If you put in 10 percent more time into your preparation, you're going to see 110 percent more results.

Prior to goal setting, I was a little more scattered. I was a little more scattered. I had a lot of energy and I knew I want to be successful but I didn't have a roadmap. And so I had a great mentor who stepped into my life and showed me the power of goal setting, the power of putting down your plans on paper, written out because it provides you clarity. And that's what his biggest word to me is, "A successful person is very clear on their objective." And so that's what really triggered me to start journaling and being more proactive and having a clarified plan for my success.

When I started with my current position, my sales position, I had a goal to be the top producer within three months, very, very lofty goal. I had no background in this industry or even with the company and so I was kind of really behind the eight ball but I typed up the goals. I handed them into my manager and I said… I signed it and I said, "Here's my commitment to you." Three months passed and I'm the top producer, just because when I wrote the goals down, all of my actions were in line with achieving the goal. I had clarity of vision. I had purpose and so again, I reverse engineered my plan of success and then I just simply followed it.

Alex Hailstock

Alex Hailstock is an entrepreneur, fitness authority and personal development mentor. As a recognized fitness expert, he inspires and instructs countless people through total body transformations, and helps them actualize their full p...

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