How to Retain Great Talent

Is your leadership style getting in the way of your team's success?


One stereotype about Millennials is that they hop from job to job very quickly. So how can organizations attract the best talent, but then encourage that talent to stay put? Ivo Philbert, vice president for external relations and special projects at The Jackie Robinson Foundation, explains that great talent has to be engaged and empowered. 

“You will often hear that individuals don't leave organizations and companies. They leave managers,” explains Ivo. People want to feel autonomous in their areas of responsibility. If they are hired with the understanding that they bring skills, gifts and a voice to the table, but their manager squelches or smothers that voice all the time, that top talent won’t stick around. Watch the video to learn more about Ivo's perspective on how to retain great talent.

How do you retain good talent? It certainly is engaging that talent, empowering that talent. You will often hear that individuals don't leave organizations and companies. They leave managers. Very early in my career as a young manager, I felt I had to sort of be in everything. I had to approve everything. I had to manage everything. I had a team that got it done.

But the question became, "Did we get it done to the best of our ability? Did we really exceed?" Once I learned through my experiences and my coaching and my mentoring from others and I started to embrace the fact that if I have a strong team, they will do it. What I had with my team in my old job with Inroads is they would take the bull by the horns. So by the time I got involved, they were like, "Here's what we've already planned. Here's how we're going to execute this."

Now, if there was something that I wanted to give feedback on, I gave that feedback. But again, I allowed the staff to really do what they did because they were smart individuals. They too wanted to accomplish. I learned once I got out of their way, things just took on a whole different life in terms of success.

A good leader gets the right people and then gets out of their way.

Ivo Philbert

Ivo Philbert is an innovative, energetic and experienced strategic leader with proven success in improving bottom line results by focusing on strategy, business development, people development, and image and branding.

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