How to Manage With Vulnerability

Are you afraid to let your team see your flaws?


Paaras Parker, head of human resources at Kroger Digital, explains why leaders shouldn’t be afraid to show themselves as human: imperfect and capable of error. 

“Oftentimes, leaders feel like they have to have this one image and it has to be perfect and people can't know what's in your closet,” shares Paaras. “[But], oftentimes, that's what people connect to and relate to the most.”

Watch the video to learn more from Paaras about managing with vulnerability.

I think that the two most important things to remember as a manager is to not worry about being perfect and to be human. I think being a manager is really hard. I think part of that is because we get in our own head. When I think of common mistakes managers make, it's really humans make them.

One is this inner wanting to be perfect and so waiting to not communicate information until they have all the information, or waiting for some level of perfection because you want that person to trust you and feel like they can come to you with all the answers when I think in reality, all people want is human connection and to feel like, you know, if a manager's able to show vulnerability, to say, "Hey, I don't know everything but here's what I do know, and as I know more, I'll share more," goes a longer way than waiting for a long period of time.

I think regardless of what size your organization is, if it's small or large, there's always some water cooler talk or the rumor mill, and sometimes waiting leads to more obstacles than it would if you'd just shared. Then I think the other one is just really being human. Being human is more around being you, being authentic, being genuine. I've gotten a chance to work with people and have managers where we were really clear on what our boundaries were. At work, in the workplace, in meetings around work, there was that hierarchical relationship and then outside of work, there was a different relationship, but both parties have to have the ability to separate.

Again, it's not from the intent to not wanna let people in or to not be personal, but I think oftentimes, leaders feel like they have to have this one image and it has to be perfect and people can't know what's in your closet when oftentimes that's what people connect to and relate to the most.

I don't think the goal should be, "Everybody has to love me all the time and I have to be friends with everybody," but I think the goal should be, "People know who I am, they know what I expect, and then, most importantly, they know I'm gonna have their back."
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Paaras Parker

Paaras Parker is an engaging leader who is passionate about helping others thrive. Currently, she serves as head of human resources at Kroger Digital. 

Previously, Paaras held a number of leadership positions at Macy’s, Global...

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