How to Lead When You’re Working Beyond Capacity

Could your peace be more valuable to your leadership than perfection?


Amy Balog, executive coach and founder of the leadership services firm, ConnexionPoint, often works with leaders who are “at the full pitch of their lives.” They are working at or beyond capacity, with more people reporting to them and more demands on them than ever before. Amy explains that this is actually a very powerful intersection of a leader’s life – even seasoned, C-level leaders.

Watch the video and then take the steps below to answer Amy’s three key questions and further the intentionality of your leadership.

One of the biggest, most inspirational gifts given to me in the work of done in the last decade is working with rising leaders that are sitting literally behind the executive line. They're the succession line leaders. Some people call them high potentials. But they're the folks that are basically going to take the reins of the future of the company.

What happens with leaders at that level that is sort of unique is that usually for the first time. They're really in the full pitch of their life. They are working the hardest they've ever worked. They usually have the largest down the line reporting to them they've ever had. They have more demands on them. They have a growing family. They have more time commitments than they can make. And they're working at absolutely full or beyond capacity. But it's stressful.

There's a choice. If I look at leaders in those situations, I say to them that you're actually at a very powerful intersection of your life right now where you can either grow your leadership, you can stay stuck in this maddening pattern where you can't keep all the balls up in the air, or you can maybe even derail.

So what you need to do at that intersection is so powerful. You need to work from a deeper part of yourself. And you need, maybe, this acknowledgment that your peace is more valuable to your leadership than your perfection.

So I'll get, "Well, how do I get that peace in the face the fact that my circumstances are not getting easier? The demands aren't going away. The uncertainty is getting actually worse. And I'm having to take bigger risks in my life for my job and my family. How do you have peace?"

And I say, "It's about a journey to intention." And the intention is really answered with three questions. They're very powerful questions, but they're really worth pursuing. The first one is, "What is your center?" So I had a leader once that I worked with and I opened up my time with her. And her leadership changed by the mood of her boss. And we had a find. We grounded the sources of her leadership regardless of how anybody was acting around her or what was going on with business. "What absolutely grounds your leadership, so you leave from this place of calm, clarity, and conviction?" That's the first question is, "What is your center?"

The second question is, "What are you really in the center of?" Sometimes, what we're reacting to, what we're seeing in the environment, isn't where our most intentional leadership needs to actually go. And so the exercise behind that question is to step back way, way back. Way back and look at the business not from what you expect but what from what is possible by how creatively you might serve it. And you look at the business not through the lens that you would have from your job but through the lens of where the business could go.

And then the third question is, "How do I create a new environment?" Leaders are always creating environments. And there are so many powerful, easy ways that leaders create environments. But this is where I have one leader that walked in and literally changed the layout of the room and the way the meetings flowed. And he specifically became so attentive in his presence. And just by that alone, he completely reinvented the environment. But it wasn't emanating from him, those two other questions as well. He had his center and he wasn't appreciating what he was in the center of. And he was intentionally creating an environment in the middle of all that chaos. And you know what? He was generating a lot of peace and they needed that a lot more than his perfection.

Amy Balog

As an executive coach, facilitator, writer, and speaker, Amy wakes up every morning and pursues her passionate mission to show the world we can lead from our center not our circumstances. Amy’s clients’ experience a journey to discove...

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