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Ivo Philbert knows what it means to discover—and live—your passion in his role as vice president for external relations and special projects at The Jackie Robinson Foundation. In this video, Ivo asks the key questions to help you identify, define and pursue your passion. And note to self, you don’t have to choose just one. You’ll also discover behavioral signs that indicate you are not living your passion, and why.

So actually on the individual level, you are your corporation, right? So it really is, "What am I trying to accomplish in my life? Where do I want to go from a career perspective?" If you want to be an entrepreneur or whatever the case may be, "What do I want to do and how do I get there?" I think part of the challenge often times for individuals is not knowing exactly what they want to do. So I say start with your passion. Start with the things that you really enjoy and love to do and see if you can make that lucrative for you. So really identify that and then, "How do I get there? What education do I need? What experiences do I need? Who do I need to have with me on my team to support me and get me there? And again, how do I measure my success?"

Really, when you look at it from a business perspective, you look at it, again, very clearly. From an individual perspective, you sort of just alter it a bit in terms of career goals and so forth. I think part of what a lot of people struggle with is they think they have to have one thing. There isn't any one thing, but I encourage folks to embrace their total selves, all of the things that they're interested in because you never know how things are going to play out and what your passion really is.

So for example, while I love to help people and mentor and help organizations, I also have a passion for food and culinary and that kind of stuff. So in addition to doing all these things, I also have a blog. Often times, you will have someone tell you, "I'm going to work every day, Mr. Philbert. I am actually doing the job," and the whole nine yards. But then you're going, "Are you giving it 110 percent? Are you giving it your all?"

  If they're not in the right row, if they're not living out their passion and they think they're doing well, what comes out is something totally different, right? People can see when you're not being genuine. People can see when you're not really happy. People can see when you're not being authentic. It's important to bring your authentic self to work and to give it your all.

Now, for organizations, again, engaging that employee is, is that employee in the right role? Are they being valued? Are you making them feel like they're being appreciated for what they bring to the table? Are they empowered to do their jobs? At some point, you have to accept, "I'm really not enjoying this. I really don't feel valued." You've got to accept that. But I also challenge them. "What role did I play in those?" What role do you play in whatever those perceptions are?

The minute you start feeling those emotions of, "Thank God it's Friday. I don't want to go to work on Monday. Oh, Monday is coming," then you have to ask yourself, "Am I in the right place? Am I in the right job?" If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.

Ivo Philbert

Ivo Philbert is an innovative, energetic and experienced strategic leader with proven success in improving bottom line results by focusing on strategy, business development, people development, and image and branding.

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