How to Hire Great Remote Employees

What skills should you look for in a virtual candidate?


With more remote employees entering the workforce, many leaders will be expanding their teams to include virtual workers. But doctoral candidate and virtual leader, Pamela McClinton, shares that leaders must look for a unique set of skills when hiring remote employees. Self-motivation, passion and competency are vital characteristics in a virtual employee. These characteristics can not only help put the minds of virtual leaders at ease but ensure that everyone on a virtual team pulls their own weight. Do you know what to look for when hiring remote employees? Learn why these specifics ingredients are necessary for your remote employees. Watch this and other videos on training and development today on Leadercast!

The first thing you have to have on a virtual team is someone who is a self-starter, who is self-motivated. Without that, you're going to have to constantly go behind this person and find out if they've completed these tasks.

And so I always make sure when I'm interviewing virtual candidates. "How do you work alone? What inspires you? How are you self-motivated? How do you want to do your work every day?" Most of the people who thrive on a virtual team are self-motivated. They have an inward drive to complete their tasks. The second thing is you need to have someone with passion.

When you have employees who have passion, they're going to be creative about how to resolve problems or how to look for new ways to build a product. And so, on a virtual team, you're using this talent that you have, but you want this person to be passionate about what they do, and what they can offer your team in your organization.

So the third ingredient, I would say, is competency. I always say, "Fit informs function." So I will say, "Hey, I want to make sure this person fits my team. I want to make sure that they have this motivation, and that they're passionate."

But they also have to have function. They have to be competent to complete the tasks that you want them to complete on a daily basis. Without that competency, you will find yourself training them over, and over again. And you want someone who is able to learn quickly because they're not right in front of you. You want them to be able to pick up the practices, and the processes that your organization needs for them to complete their job.

So with these top three ingredients, I think that all three are needed. I think that you need a self-starter. I think that they need to have passion, and I think that they need to be competent. And I'm saying all three work together because if you pull any one out, you may find that that person may not work with your virtual team. However, with all of those components, you have a dynamic team and you have people who are capable, who are able, and who are passionate to drive your organization forward.


Pamela McClinton

Having served in various leadership roles, Pamela McClinton, Ed.D., advocates for transformational and servant leadership above and beyond managerial duties. With her Doctor of Education degree in Organizational Leadership at Argosy U...

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