How to Create a Vision and Business Plan

Ever wonder how to cast a vision to pursue your dreams?


Jeannine K. Brown is an author and a sought-after career and personal development coach. In this video, Jeannine discusses a step-by-step process for creating a strategic vision and developing a business plan to move your organization forward. 

She shares the true story of working with one of her clients, who began with only a dream of starting her own business. Jeannine helped her client turn that dream into a reality, and it all began with a vision. Have you had difficulty getting your vision off the ground? Watch the interview to discover what Jeannine has to say about architecting your future to achieve your dreams.

I have a client that I have been working with who wanted to start a business, and she had been daydreaming and imagining herself in this role for a very long time, but she was not sure that she could actually run a business. In her current role, she was more of an administrator. She worked for a very large company, and that came with a lot of security, regular paychecks, benefits, all the things, and even a network and a community of people that she could lean upon on a daily basis. But she couldn't get away from this idea.

So she and I started working together and really kind of working from the standpoint of developing a business plan. So the action items that we took to help her get to this point was first: What is the vision? We wrote it down. Then, what were her intentions? Who did she want to be to her clients? Who her market was? We did all the research related to that.

So we wanted to make sure that it was clear, concise and something that she knew aligned with the business and also tried to determine, "I don't want to be like anyone else."

The next step was to set benchmarks that she could look back on. They were goals around: How do I accomplish this? What things do I need to put in place both to sustain my business legally, but also to identify clients? Who do I partner with to get the word out that I'm doing this?

Then the third thing we did was just continuous follow-up and encouragement. We actually created some affirmation statements for her because discouragement comes in quite a bit when you're trying to go it alone and start your own business. You have a lot of peaks, great excitements, and these highs about, "I'm on my way." Then you do run into some roadblocks.

So we created affirmations together that helped her stay on track and kept her encouraged and reminded her who she is. "I'm not just an administrative professional. I am a business owner. These are things that I will do in order to manage my business."

Then finally, we just kept going back and revisiting the goals, revisiting the vision, making sure that everything that she did aligned with those things and set specific goals based on time ranges. "Over the next week, this is what we plan to accomplish. Over the next quarter, this is what we plan to accomplish."

We did a gut check. Are we on track? Yes or no? Then if we are on track, what's next? If we're off-track, why are we off-track?

We looked up a year later, she was resigning from her job and she was fully walking in a full execution of her business.

Now did that stop her from continuing to meet with us? No, because anyone who has started a business knows that you need continuous support. So in her role now it's about continuing to expand her vision because she reached the initial goal. So now she's trying to expand her reach and her clients. Then her vision's shifted a little bit as she brought on employees. So who she is as a business owner also became a part of her overall company vision.


Jeannine K. Brown

Jeannine K. Brown is a trained leadership coach and experienced speaker with expertise in strategic visions, performance development and leadership.

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