How to Make a Vision Board for Your Organization

Can you visualize your future?


Award-winning communications strategist and executive coach, Shira Miller, describes how to create an organizational vision board. Shira defines what a vision board is and communicates the importance of visualizing future growth and possibilities for your organization. This practical and tangible process of developing a vision board not only reinforces the vision of your organization, but also allows teams to collaborate in creating the future they desire. 

Learn how to make a vision board for your organization and best practices for sharing and communicating enterprise-wide.

A vision board is future possibilities, where you're headed. It's your life, your work at its greatest potential. A lot of times people think of a vision board in terms of individuals. Where do they want to go? You might celebrate the beginning of a new year by creating these, but the truth is it can help you in leadership of an organization, no matter what level you are in the company.

So if you are a business that wants to define where you go, the first place is seeing the possibilities. What is the best-case scenario? And then what you do is let's say that you're a company. You've got five employees, and you really want to be a segment leader. Your vision is, "We want to have 50 people by the end of the year and we want to increase our billings to $5 million."

In order to get there, you've got to see it in order to achieve it. So think about the visuals you can capture. A lot of times, my clients might clip things out from magazines. Most of the time these days, people are searching for images on the Internet. And you can start out with a board. People have used powerpoint presentations. They've used it as screen savers on their phones. You create a whole bevy of visuals that illustrate where you want to go and it doesn't have to be an exact replication. For example, you could show a mountaintop to show that you want to scale the top of your trade.

So let's say that you have an advertising agency, and you want to attract more clients in the automotive segment. Start cutting out pictures of the kind of cars you want to represent, or the kind of people who you would work with in advertising or ads that really energize you and your thinking.

The first step in creating a vision board, if you're doing it within an organization, is to give people permission to be fun. To let them know, "We're doing something fun and different that's going to benefit all of us." And bring them in from the beginning. You can't dictate a vision board. It's much better when it's collaborative and you can say, "Let's define the end goal and everybody start looking for images that define it for you." Then you can create together.


Shira Miller

An award-winning communications strategist and executive coach, Shira Miller focuses on identifying and developing best-case possibilities for companies and their people. Shira currently serves as chief communications officer at the N...

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