How to Choose and Work With a Mentor

How can you choose a mentor for your leadership journey?


Cameron Sparks, senior director of training and leader development at Booster Enterprises, strongly believes in mentorship. But how do you find the right person for you? And once you find a mentor, what can you do to bring value to the relationship? In this video, Cameron explains that the first objective is find someone who knows more than you do—whether your goal is to develop specific job-related skills or improve your soft skills, such as listening or engaging others. 

Cameron also shares his personal mentorship goal: "I am building a Board of Directors for my life; mentors who can speak into each phase of my life, whether it's personal, spiritual, or professional."

Watch this video to learn how you can find and make the most of your mentoring relationship.

For me to be the leader of learning and development within my organization, I'm the only one in the training department, and I kind of train the trainers within our organization. But this is the first time I'm doing it, so I'm trying to learn and develop myself, while also passing that down the organization. So one thing I was never taught in school was find mentors. Find people that are older and wiser, that know more than you. Whether it's personally, or soft skill stuff, or it's your job specific role is find people that know what they're doing and ask questions, and bounce stuff off of them. For me it's the continual learning, just continue to learn, and read what's out there and grow myself so I can help grow our organization.

When I ask for help, or ask for mentors it's overwhelmingly, "Yes, I'd love to help." I think older generations desire younger people to learn from them, because they have so much experience. Younger generations, we know that we need that help, we just don't know how to do it, or how to go get it. Anybody that I have ever asked to go to lunch, or get coffee, or "Hey, can I just pick your brain?" or "Hey, tell me what you failed in, in your life, and what you've succeeded in, and how can I avoid, or do those things as well.”

At 30, and in a young organization, I love when the younger team members come to me in looking for advice, or wisdom as well, because the limited knowledge and experience I have I love to share, just so people don't make the same mistakes, or can maybe find the same successes.

One thing I'm trying to do as a young leader is find a board of directors for my life, mentors that can speak in to each phase of my life, whether it's personal, or spiritual, or professional. I think to have people that can speak into those areas of my life is huge as a young leader for my development. And to find one person that can do all those things is rare, so that's why I say the board of directors is huge to find for me.


Cameron Sparks

Cameron Sparks is the senior director of training and leader development at Booster Enterprises, where he has been a team member since 2008. Before moving into the director of training role, he previously served as an experience leade...

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