How to Build Great Virtual Teams

Pamela McClinton, doctoral candidate in Organizational Leadership and Founder of Content Strategy & Development for MSPIRED, Inc., talks about how to build great virtual teams. With over 37 million remote employees in today’s workforce, leaders are faced with developing virtual teams. In this video, Pamela shares three fundamental strategies that build great virtual teams: trust, training and transparency. Virtual teams are individuals who work irrespective of geographical boundaries. Most virtual employees work on teams that include traditional workers as well. To build a great team, Pamela says trust is essential. Training provides virtual employees with the preparation needed to accomplish daily tasks and transparency gives leaders the ability to support virtual employees by sharing organizational vision and team goals. Are you leading or a part of a virtual team? Discover how to build a great virtual team using these fundamental strategies. Watch this and other videos on team building on Leadercast!

Pamela McClinton

Having served in various leadership roles, Pamela McClinton, Ed.D., advocates for transformational and servant leadership above and beyond managerial duties. With her Doctor of Education degree in Organizational Leadership at Argosy U...

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