Ethical Leadership Attracts and Retains Talent

Does your organization elevate your social responsibility?


Diana Oreck is Vice President of the Ritz Carlton Leadership Center, one of the leading socially responsible organizations in the world. In this video, she explains that corporate responsibility has become an important component in attracting and retaining top hires, as well as when trying to build a loyal customer following. But perhaps most importantly, social responsibility is a leadership value that can engage team members at every level to feel part of something bigger than themselves.

With corporate social responsibility, what's really important for companies to know is that that landscape has changed, and it is a way to attract and retain talent. People looking for jobs now will actually say, "Tell me about your corporate social responsibility. Show me the recycling bins and then I will decide if I want to work for you." Customers also want to work with companies that are doing corporate social responsibility.

For us, we know because we are so engaged with this, and we have two types of events at Ritz Carlton: the ones that we put on at the corporate office, and the hotels. And we really, really encourage our employees to participate because everybody wants to be part of something bigger than they.

Now the other thing about well-being is this. Working for Ritz Carlton changes your life. When you first start with us, and you're taught this in orientation, you're thinking as a new employee, "Oh, I get it. This is what I'm supposed to do." But we take you on a journey of this is who I am. It goes from here to here.

And what's happening? We're in the supermarket escorting people down the aisle. We're holding doors open. We're picking trash up. And it just elevates you to be a lady or a gentleman. It's amazing how transformational it is.

Diana Oreck

Ms. Diana Oreck is a Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT) and an international advisor in corporate culture, branding, leadership, employee engagement and legendary service. She has over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry ...

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