How Do You View Those In Service?

How do you treat those who serve others?


Kat Cole, COO and President, North America at FOCUS Brands, talks about the heart of serving others. It's a value defined by Leadercast as "Beyond You" leadership. Embracing this means respecting the value and service that others contribute. And make no mistake — we all notice leaders who provide recognition, support and respect. How well would you say you treat those who serve around you?

Whether it's a server in a restaurant, a valet who parks your car or the customer representative on the phone, how you treat those in service reveals a lot about you and the beliefs you hold. Kat suggests that we can all focus on leading "beyond yourself" by recognizing that those who serve others make invaluable contributions to our world.

Listen as Kat shares her views on how you should treat individuals in service to others and how your recognition has the ability to shape your future, today on Leadercast!

You can tell a lot about a person from very basic day-to-day interactions. I'll give you the disclaimer that I don't use any of these as an absolute green light-red light, or a go-no-go decision on a person, or ultimately that it speaks to their core character, but I do believe they are data points, and when you put the data points together you get a story.

Certainly the way someone treats anyone of service - a hotel, bathroom cleaning attendant, a server, a host - the way those individuals are treated is often an indicator of where someone sees themselves versus others. It's as simple as that. It's just a fact, it doesn't mean they're bad or good, but if they mistreat those in service, they clearly don't elevate service as a value set in the way that I believe a person, much less a leader, should.

So if I were around a leader that mistreated those in service, I would have a great degree of question around whether or not it was a leader that I would want to work with or do business with. But I wouldn't judge at first. I'd ask, "What happened to you as a child that you're mistreating these wonderful people?" I would leave it at that. Everyone behaves the way they do for a reason, but I believe so firmly in servant leadership and the value of service, and that the most honorable work in the world is the work of an individual serving other humans. It would be pretty important to me in a hiring decision or a leadership decision to know that someone shared that value.

Kat Cole

Kat Cole’s twitter handle reads “Connected-Creative-Conscious-Community building Capitalist, Biz Advisor, MBA, Coffee-loving Chronic Learner” – this not only describes her as a person, it describes the philosophies she applies to busi...

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