How Do You Begin to Define Vision?

How can you see the possibilities of the future today?


Author, leadership coach and speaker Jeannine K. Brown answers a key question almost all leaders face: How do you begin to define vision?

For all of us, there are many goals and dreams we want to achieve. Defining your vision may require looking at all of these components and how they work together, in order to achieve the one goal you want most for your life.

Discover how to begin to define your vision. Listen as Jeannine outlines the keys to outlining your future.

I define vision by first saying it is future and forward-looking. And vision is seeing now the possibilities of the future, to start with the thing you think about the most.

So if it's creating a vision for your life holistically and then compartmentalizing if it's family, if it's my career, or if there are any other health/wellness calls, how do they all fit? And all of those different categories should rise up to that vision.

So I'd say first let's talk about what you want to accomplish. How do you see your life in the future? And then, let's point some clarity to that. And I would write everything, everything that you desire, and then let's narrow it down so that it's something that's obtainable and something that you can actually communicate.

So I would say start there, what are your intentions, and that should lead you right into and match up with the vision that you have for your life. And so if it's something like I always think about myself and there are things that I just cannot get away, and that's people.

Regardless of how frustrated I may become, I am so people-centric and they are the center of what I think makes me my best self, that's the vision that I have. So anything that aligns with your core values, the why you do what you do, that's where you start in creating your vision.

And then you walk through a variety of steps that would include writing it down, clearly communicating it to others, reminding yourself regularly what the vision is so that when you are walking in it, when you're executing your plan, you're clear that you're still going in the right direction.

And then, find support around that vision. Even people who are like-minded, who are on the same course but may have a different purpose, is a great way to start that process of executing a vision for your life.

Jeannine K. Brown

Jeannine K. Brown is a trained leadership coach and experienced speaker with expertise in strategic visions, performance development and leadership.

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