How Do You Become the Ultimate Teammate?

Would people line up to have you on their team?


Nationally-acclaimed speaker and author Don Yaeger talks about what you need to become the ultimate teammate. Teams are the building blocks of most organizations today; teams allow organizations to achieve goals faster, and they can drive a dynamic company culture.

Don says that great teammates must be able to deliver "the goods" by having the technical skills to perform their daily tasks. Just as importantly, a great teammate must be an “encourager” to other members of the team. Other key actions you can take to become a top team member? Don suggests developing a spirit of support for the success of others; enabling people to shine, and valuing the contributions and ideas of your teammates turns an average team member into the ultimate teammate.

Team building takes effort from every member of the team, not just from the top down. Consider Don’s ultimate team member question: Would people line up to have you on their team?

Listen as Don shares stories of ultimate team members from his professional history, and discover how you can incorporate these characteristics to develop yourself, your team and your organization!

To be a great teammate, you still have to have the technical or the capability to be able to deliver whatever the team needs, from an actual technical standpoint. But a great teammate is that encourager of other people. It's that person that even though they may have come up with an idea, they're humble enough to let other people take credit for it if necessary.

They're the spirit in an organization. An ultimate teammate is someone who really just enjoys the success of others, and when you have that, you have special opportunities.

The story I love to tell about the ultimate teammate, in my mind, is a guy who's a baseball catcher. He was the longtime backup catcher of the Atlanta Braves. His name is David Ross, and a couple of years ago he became a free agent in Atlanta, and now this is a guy, who his best season, he batted like .280 or something like that.

He's not a great hitter, but he is the ultimate teammate. People love having him in their locker room because he's such an encourager of other people. So much so that, that that year he became a free agent, teams were lined up. He wasn't a great player, but they were lined up to sign a backup catcher and pay him extraordinarily well, because they wanted him in this locker room.

He has played now for many years in the major leagues and much of it as a backup, because teams want a guy like him in their locker room. They want a veteran leader. They want somebody who's been there and maybe has some perspective, and is willing to not be the star, but understands that they do have extraordinary value.

David Ross is, in my mind, a perfect example of what you would find as the ultimate teammate in any locker room. I think David Ross understands, as anybody watching these videos does, that in order to be a leader you don't have to have a title. He's a backup catcher, who barely hits .200 some years, and yet he's a desired commodity because he is a leader.

Don Yaeger

Don Yaeger is a nationally acclaimed inspirational speaker and author of 24 books, nine of which have become New York Times best-sellers. He is currently a Forbes contributing writer and a former associate editor for Sports Illustrate...

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