How Delegation Will Empower Your Team

Are you using delegation to fuel growth among your team members?


Afshan Ali, founder of SkyHealth, shares why delegation is a crucial part of the team dynamic and how it can have an impact on your organization’s goals.

“I realized [early on that] leadership was not about me getting everything done,” says Afshan. “It was about me empowering the people on my team to do it even in my absence so that we could all reach our common goal.”

Where do you stand with delegating? Are you giving your team members the opportunity to take on tasks that will contribute to the ultimate goals of your organization? Watch the video to learn how to set up a framework for your team’s operations.

Failure is an important part of growth. We need to skin our knee so that we can gain the wisdom that's required without actually going and breaking the bone so that we can't come back. So early in my career, I had a pretty significant failure. I was leading a team of about 18 consultants as part of a sub-team of a very large-scale consulting project that was in about four countries. There was too high of a dependency on me, which I did not realize until I left for about three days for a vacation and the team fell apart without me there.

It was very early in my career, and I realized leadership at that point was not about me getting everything done. It was about me empowering the people on my team to do it even in my absence so that we could all reach our common goal, and that was a really eye-opening experience for me, because what it did is kind of it propelled me into servant leadership, the empowering type of leadership, the type of leadership that makes people feel like they're growing as well and contributes to a greater cause and a greater purpose.

If I'm setting up a team, there are some kickoff-type of activities that we do. I'll take time to understand everybody's interests and motives and personal growth desires. I'll align that with the goals of the team. We will set regular communications and a common understanding of goals and timelines that provide a framework for the operations of the team. And then we'll work on the goals on a weekly or a, you know, monthly, or whatever the appropriate time frame is. We'll work on those so that there's always an advancement going on and that we're working through issues on the outside as well. So having the framework and establishing that as it's getting kicked off sets a mode for success and delivery of a successful project.

Typically, on teams that I go on, there are two people who I would trust as much as I would trust myself to get it done. So by doing those few things and putting those pieces of a framework in place, it allows a team to function in any one person's absence and still keep the cause advancing. And that allows a team to be successful collaboratively and reach the ultimate goal.
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Afshan Ali

Afshan Ali is an innovative healthcare industry specialist. She is the founder of SkyHealth, and is a sought-after healthcare consultant. She is an accomplished leader with extensive healthcare, strategy, systems integration and imple...

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