How Collaborative Insanity Stalls Change

Do you need to learn how to collaborate with others?


Alan Schaefer, founder of Banding People Together, a performance improvement company, shares the pitfalls that leaders often encounter when attempting to collaborate on teams. The benefits of acting as team to solve organizational problems are countless. Gathering multiple skills, from a variety of perspectives to work in partnership can increase productivity and deliver results quickly and efficiently.

Yet teams have the tendency to fall into collaborative insanity. Does everyone on your team have the same goals when it comes to collaborating on a project?

Watch this video to discover how you can use collaboration as an effective tool for change management.

If we talk about the case for collaboration, we're in the business to make money, so profitability is driven by a lot of things. But on a high level, it's driven by productivity.

Productivity is driven by collaboration. But here's the problem. There's an epidemic, and the epidemic is this thing that we call collaborative insanity. So this idea that just simply telling people to work together better, and that they can do it, from my point of view is insane. So if we really want to get to profitability, we've got to be productive. And if we're going to be productive, we've got to learn how to collaborate, we've got to learn how to do that on an individual level, a team level, and ultimately on a strategic organizational level.

And our job as leaders is to drive that. If you can drive that, you can drive the change. You can drive all the things that you set out to do, but require some real, honest, roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and get after it, type of work.

I think the first place to start with any team relative to collaboration is changing the conversation around collaboration. And really getting an idea of like as a team, do we all have the same idea about what is collaborative within this team? And I think what you will find is, that is rarely the case. And so I think that's a great place to start. Just simply starting a conversation, even if you don't have the how, but just starting that conversation is a great place to start.

Alan Schaefer

Alan Schaefer is the president of Banding People Together, a performance improvement company that focuses on collaboration and the impact it has on leadership, team performance, employee engagement and change. He has been described as...

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