Great Leaders and Why People Follow Them

Why do people follow certain leaders?

Hank Fortener, founder of Adopt Together, a non-profit crowdfunding platform, shares the behavioral aspects of why people follow great leaders. Talented people can work at any organization, but it is important for leaders to identify why talented people choose to work for you.

Discover the leadership styles, behaviors and core values of great leaders and the ethical principles common in many of the great leaders of our time.
I think the biggest thing I learned was the shared purpose that exists with crowdfunding. "I have resource." "I have money." You are a parent and a mother and a father and you go, "We want to adopt this child." And the uniqueness of, "You can't adopt unless I join, but I don't get to be a part of that unless I help you."

It's the same thing when it comes to vision and salaries. Because a person who's working on your team or working for your company, they get a salary. You're paying them, they're receiving. You have some level of relationship with them, just for the exchange of funds. But your salary in the best environments and with leaders is a secondary thing to actually why that person is working for you. Because, hopefully, if you're recruiting talented people, if you're employing really highly-skilled, highly-functional people, they can get a salary anywhere. They chose to get a salary from you because of the vision that you cast, because of the shared purpose of what you're accomplishing. So if you lead a team of 5, 10, 12 people, they have to have that sense from you that they couldn't do this without you as their leader, and that you couldn't do this without them on your team. It's that conjoined relationship, it's that shared purpose that guides it.

Now yes, you're paying them, and yes they're receiving an income. But if that money isn't secondary, that's management, not leadership. And you can manage your way through or administrate your way through, where you get a person to do something because of money or you get a person to give or get a person to stay at work longer because you pay them a little more. But leadership causes people to go, "Money is always secondary." It's still very important, just like fundraising, it's still very important, and salaries are still very important to keeping people part of a team. But they're always going to be motivated and driven by knowing that their shared purpose is they want to go where you have promised you can take them.

Hank Fortener

Hank Fortener is the founder of Adopt Together, a non-profit, crowdfunding platform that bridges the gap between families who want to adopt and the children who need loving homes. He is also Pastor at MOSAIC in Los Angeles and is the ...

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