Great Creative Briefs: The Freedom's in the Framework

Are you applying creativity to drive innovation in business?

John Van Vleck, founder of The Greenroom Collective, expounds on the advantages of innovation in business. In this video, John uses a familiar example to demonstrate the creative process and talks about why framing the process of creativity is important, both in the creative world and in business organizations.

Boundaries, John shares, are essential to give creativity freedom to operate.

Discover how to move your business forward, design productivity in your processes and develop innovation using creative freedom by understanding creative briefs such as freedom within the artistic framework.
So, creativity, and I would even say a brief ... a good brief is like a playground in New York City. If you can imagine a playground, maybe it's 4th Street and Broadway in New York where we've got the chain-link fence all around it, asphalt. In that space, in that playground you could do anything. You are free to create. Those are your boundaries, those chain-link fences are your boundaries, and that is the hallmark of a good creator brief: Where you can have focus, you know what you're trying to solve for, but you have some parameters to work within, and that is the freedom in the framework. That, to me, is necessary for good creativity, for good things to happen, but it's also essential to the brief.

Because if you don't get that part right, you don't know what you're trying to solve for, you don't know what constraints you have that you need to be conscious of. I like to make the distinction between creativity and a productive creativity... Creativity, to me, is art; just the purest form where you can go anywhere -- that's art. But in business, we're trying to apply the principles of art to business. Productive creativity is about landing ideas that move the business forward, or move the organization forward, or the market, or deliver against the want and the need to the consumer in a better way.

John Van Vleck

What's missing in business? Humanity. Feel. Edge that leads to something new and unique. John Van Vleck is the founder of The Green Room Collective, working with organizations to help bring these values to organizational culture, team b...

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