Goal Setting Theory From Two Perspectives

What perspectives do you use to set organizational goals?

Head of Finance for Americas at SITA and former Leadercast CFO, Harihar Subramanian, works closely with Leadercast's CEO and discusses the importance of balancing financial goals while supporting the vision of an organization. In fact, he focuses first on ensuring that the organization continually has clarity around its vision, then puts in place interim objectives that help mitigate risk but also drive future innovation and achievement.

Discover Harihar's dual goal-setting perspectives -- strategic and visionary -- and the essential components of tactical, operational and aspirational goals.
Goal setting in every organization is a very essential component of what a CEO does, lay out the vision of the organization, lay out what direction the organization needs to go. I think we look at goal setting from two perspectives. One is financial numbers and the tactical operation like duties of what happens in the year and really looking at it from a goal setting as where is our vision? What do we want the organization to be? What do we want the organization to look like 5 years from now, 10 years from now. So there are two components to it.

In some cases they're talking about a strategy versus goal. I look it at it, end of the day, all the smart pieces combined becomes a strategy for a 5-year, 10-year period. So you really have to lay out the vision of the organization and where you see this organization going over a period of four to five years at the minimum. And then carve it out into a three-year bucket, a two-year bucket, and then a one-year bucket. Or three, one, one. That way you have immediate objectives that happen in the next year, and then you can put things in perspective for what's to come over the next three to four years.

If we don't reinvent ourselves, every now and then, someone else is going to do it for us. So it's very, very important to have that vision and clarity around that vision and then everything else behind that.

Harihar Subramanian

Harihar Subramanian is the Head of Finance for Americas at SITA and former Director of Finance for Phillips Electronics/India.

He was a member of the Philips Electronics team for 10 years, working in North America, India and...

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