Series: Lessons for Beginner Employees


In this series on Leadercast Now, expert leaders share how those who are new to the workforce can excel as new leaders, find and recognize their courage, and work with others around them in new workplace environments.

New to the workforce? Things can be overwhelming while one navigates culture, positions, leaders, and their own expectations.

When entering the workforce, team members need encouragement to find their way, to build their portfolios, and develop as leaders. Whether it is through coaching or mentorship, learning to work with different personalities or experiences, or finding courage and awareness to make those first steps towards leadership and individual needs to find their strength to move forward.

Watch this series to learn from others as you develop your skills as a new team member, and start taking the steps to becoming a leader.


Carla Harris: Vice-chairman, managing director and senior advisor at Morgan Stanley

Glennon Doyle: Author, activist, and founder of Together Rising

Andy Stanley: Best-selling author and founding pastor of North Point Ministries

Capt Deshauna Barber: Logistics commander in the U.S. Army Reserve

Laura Ling: Award-winning journalist

Fabian De Rozario: founder of GlobalConnect Consulting & Training

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