Foundational Leadership Principles

What morals guide your leadership journey?


Glen Jackson, co-founder of marketing communications agency Jackson Spalding, shares how the foundational principles of his company and his leadership journey align. For Glen, it’s imperative that leaders know what kind of leader they want to be.

“There's two types of leaders, there are leaders who attract followers and leaders who attract leaders,” Glen teaches. “And the leader who attracts followers wants recognition. And the leader who attracts other leaders wants reproduction.”

Watch this video about the importance of strong leadership principles for leaders of all organizations and levels.

Well, the leadership principles that I live my life by are connected back to Jackson Spalding's values which we wrote at the beginning of our agency's formation 22 years ago. And that begins with, to tell you the truth, to work together as a team, to inspire others.

Leadership for me is the courage to act. It is the commitment to complete each task by working with others and inspiring others to deliver results. So, that's kind of what I focus on every day. I think the best leaders, people observe you, and they want to be like you because of what they observe and see.

There's two types of leaders, there are leaders who attract, followers and leaders who attract leaders, according to John Maxwell. And the leader who attracts followers wants recognition. And the leader who attracts other leaders wants reproduction. They want to reproduce themselves in almost a concentric circle with others seeing them and wanting to be like that. And I think, that's the way to go. And I think leaders who attract leaders, also invest time in others. Leaders who attract followers spend time with others and there's a difference.

I think the challenge that you face as a leader and an entrepreneur when you're trying to do something is fear. You got to stay that off. And I think all entrepreneurs bravely start something, and they grow and scale a business and assume financial risk, and persevere. They strive, strain, and stretch in the arena of competition. The leaders that inspire me are leaders who never tire and who always stay true to their values and what they believe.

Glen Jackson

Glen Jackson co-founded Jackson Spalding in 1995. He provides leadership for the agency, many of its clients and organizations looking for inspiration. He has special expertise in real estate, professional services, crisis communicat...

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