Fortune 500s Favorite Creativity Tool: Talk It Out

How can you approach team building creatively?


Author and creativity guru, Chris Barez-Brown, talks about the need for creativity when building teams in business. In this video, Chris shares that when working with many Fortune 500 companies, the most challenging factor in teaching creative techniques was the tendency for leaders to become too technical. Technical thinking diminishes creativity because, as Chris learned, most people would need to be a practitioner to understand the process.

Watch this video and discover how "Talk It Out" can help your team use a creative approach to team building.

So, I used to teach hundreds of creative tools and techniques and nobody could do them. It was quite shocking, really, because they were too technical. There was too much process. You had to really be a practitioner of creativity to do them. So, I do really simple stuff now and I get much better results.

So, my favorite creative process and people like Coca Cola and Nike and a lot of the broadcasters in the UK use this as their favorite creative technique. It's called Talk It Out. It's the simplest thing in the world. You go off in a pair. One of you talks nonstop as fast as you can about the brief for seven and a half minutes. The other person just listens. All you're doing is looking for when there's a state change, when the person talking somehow energetically shifts in some way. When they do, note down whatever it is they said. You only need like three, four, five things.

At the end of seven and a half minutes you say, "Okay, when you said this, I noticed something. What's that about?" And then the person who was talking can then have a chance to go, "Well, that's interesting. It made me think this." You will get much better insight doing that and often better starting ideas than any creative technique I've seen. I've created lots of value for big companies like Unilever in hours doing that, whereas all the technical stuff, hopeless.

Chris Barez-Brown

Chris Barez-Brown has been unleashing the creative potential of worldwide organizations including Nike, Coca Cola, Diageo, The Gates Foundation, Sony and WPP. He is a master of metamorphosis, challenging and transforming businesses th...

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