Finding Your Passion: The Right To Dream

Are you thriving or just surviving?

Life Reimagined, a online community that helps people rediscover what truly matters and focus on what they really want to do, shares the power of positive decision-making on the reality of our lives. Helping individuals define their own success is at the heart of Life Reimagined's mission, where they provide unique, personalized tools and expert guidance.

In this video, coach Janet Taylor explains that everyone has dreams -- even amidst the day-to-day routines and life challenges that we all get pulled into. For many people, she says, the daily grind can become more about surviving in life instead of truly thriving and living our passions. Identifying what you need to thrive -- no matter where you currently are -- can transform the trajectory of your life.

How can you identify your dreams? How do you find the passion to envision and live out your dreams?

Listen as Janet reveals what's most needed to embark on your next chapter. By discovering the dreams and passions that fuel your life, you can make decisions that not only impact, but also significantly improve, your life. To learn more about mapping your life's goals, visit

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Survival requires hope as well, and just because it's a day-to-day grind for you doesn't mean that you don't have dreams. And frequently we assume that people who are just gutting it out every day, every minute don't have dreams, and they do. They may be different from what you would expect, but they're still there.

And so that process of change, that process of saying you deserve more, you deserve whatever you want in your life still applies to them, and so what you teach them, what I teach them -- I work with people every day who are barely making it -- is they have the right to dream. They have the right to ask for what they need. They have the right to try to go and get what they need.

And so I talk to them to figure out how we can make that happen. Is it a budget? Is it saying "no" to people? Is it saying "yes" to yourself? There's still a way for you to get what you want no matter what your socioeconomic status is and how you feel about yourself. But it all starts with you.

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